Luxurious it may be, but the Flying Spur is a car for all aspects of your luxury life. Drive it alone and you’ll be free to appreciate the remarkable technology Bentley’s engineers have placed at your fingertips. Open the car to passengers, and they too will experience the features that set it apart.

As ever with in-car technology, the difference is not simply about the technology itself – but in the manner in which it is delivered. The Flying Spur does this in impeccable Bentley style. Everything has its place. Everything is designed to feel intuitive and simple – if you have to think too hard about something, it simply isn’t right.


The touchscreen front infotainment system allows both driver and front passenger to operate the navigation system and adjust the audio, telephone, and ride comfort settings.


The Bentley rear seat entertainment (RSE) system is fully integrated for back seat passengers. It brings together a suite of technology into the Flying Spur, including the Wi-Fi hub, two pairs of wireless headphones, two 10" LCD screens and 64 GB of media storage with a range of inputs for digital devices.


This option also provides the Flying Spur with its own Wi-Fi hotspot, providing Internet access for tablets, laptops and phones – and the internal 64 GB hard drive has enough room to share practically anything that can be stored on a modern day digital device.

The rear console features a detachable Touch Screen Remote. Reclining in the hand-upholstered rear seats, passengers can effortlessly adjust the climate settings, seat heating and ventilation, radio and navigation system as well as the multimedia features.


The Flying Spur offers the perfect option for music lovers who appreciate sound quality with a real difference.

The flagship Naim™ for Bentley Premium audio system offers arguably the finest in-car entertainment available. Incorporating 11 custom-built Balanced Mode Radiator Speakers, it sets new standards in audio enjoyment.

You can fill your Flying Spur with total surround quality sound so whether you’re alone or have a full car, everyone can enjoy perfect, detailed reproduction of their favourite music, radio station or audio book.

All this would mean little, however, without a calm environment in which to enjoy it. Fortunately, the Flying Spur features acoustic glazing, alongside soundproof panels built into the doors and the floor. As a result, what’s outside the car stays there – leaving you to appreciate what’s going on inside without distraction or interruption.